Beal - Dynamic rope - Single
Here are the advantages and specifications of Beal Stinger Golden Dry 9.4mm
  • Light with only 59g/m
  • Its low impact force ensures less impact and more comfort for you during a fall
  • The diameter of this rope is 9.4mm, which allows better rope manipulation and is recommended for more experienced people
  • Its full dry treatment prevents water absorption (less than 5%). This type of rope is ideal for climbing in high altitude or in humid and cold conditions
  • Specific treatments give a rope increased durability. This rope is suitable for extended usage, such as for intensive and high level sport climbing
  • Sport climbing
    Summer and winter mountaineering
    UIAA Water-Repellent
    Available length
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    Technical sheet
    Weight per meter59g/m
    Impact force8.2 kN
    Number of falls6
    Middle markYes (marking)

    Beal Unicore

    Process bonding rope sheath and core.

    Beal Golden Dry

    Process to achieve a durable and waterproof rope. This core treatment is added to the Dry Cover sheath treatment. Golden Dry treatment is labelled "UIAA Water Repellent".

    Beal Magic Pack

    Specific coil makes the rope ready to use. Helps the user avoid initial uncoiling mistakes, and increases longevity.

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