Edelrid - Semi-static rope - Type A
Type A
Here are the advantages and specifications of Edelrid Safety Super 10.5mm
  • Specific treatments give a rope increased durability. This rope is suitable for prolonged usage and abrasion for frequent ascents and descents
  • Rope access work
    Available length
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    Technical sheet
    Weight per meter74g/m
    Breaking load27 kN
    Breaking load with knot18 kN
    Static elongation3.9%
    Sheath proportion39%
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    Edelrid Terminations

    Specific Edelrid Termination.

    Edelrid Thermo Shield

    This treatment harmonizes the gliding characteristics of the yarns inside the rope and ensures that it remains compact and supple throughout its life. It also ensures that the rope does not shrink or becomes stiff.

    Edelrid Tracer Thread

    Tracer thread marking on the sheath. Edelrid developed the system for sheath tracer thread marking. It allows immediate identification of the diameter of static ropes and slings. The number of tracer threads sewn into the rope sheath indicates the diameter of the rope. For example, two tracer threads denote a 10 mm diameter, 2.5 tracer threads denote a 10.5 mm diameter.


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