Ocún - Dynamic rope - Single
Indoor climbing
Sport climbing
Available lengths
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Technical sheet
Weight per meter65g/m
Impact force8.3 kN
Number of falls11
Dynamic elongation34%
Static elongation7.9%
Middle markYes (marking)
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Ocún Core Thermal Treatment

Individual strands of the core are heat treated to give the rope its dynamic and mechanical properties.

Ocún Dry And Protect Sheath Coating

Twisted fibers of sheath give permanent protection and create a barrier against moisture and dirt. Each of Ocún ropes has a permanent PFC-Free protective layer that creates a barrier to prevent water and impurities from reaching the core. This protective treatment of fibers also reduces their friction and increases the mechanical resilience of the whole construction. As a result, the life span of the entire rope is extended. Does not contain Fluorocarbons C6 or C8 which are toxic and nondegradable in nature.

Ocún Heat Sheath Treatment

This thermal treatment is a standard treatment applied to all Ocún ropes to ensure compact flexibility and pleasant handling properties.