Tendon - Semi-static rope
Type B
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Technical sheet
Weight per meter60g/m
Load capacity23 kN
Static elongation2.6%
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Tendon Compact

Tendon special technology used for the ends of the rope: in a length of 15 mm, the core strand and sheath are connected into one unit.

Tendon Secure

Rope with a zero sheath slippage. Made from unique patented technology named Secure. If the sheath of your rope is cut or torn, the core and sheath remain united, allowing you to finish your adventure safely.

Tendon TeNOTE

New, revolutionary conception of the overall administration and registration of ropes which, thanks to NFC technology, offers unthought-of possibilities and brings user comfort to a hitherto unrecognized level. The Rope includes a microchip. With a PC and a mobile phone you obtain a quick, effective and smart tool for examination and maintenance of your ropes.